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Welcome to our little piece of heaven on earth here on Kelsey Creek. A lot has changed in the last couple years, Erica has taken over as herd manager and has attained her 2 year judging license this fall, and Kim is attending the Master's University in Santa Clarita!

The goats are still a family affair, we all enjoy the goats, the babies, the milk and the meat!

With the high butter fat in the milk that our Nigerian's provide we make cheese, yogurt, ice cream, kefir and some butter every so often. We also enjoy making lotion and soap whenever we get the chance.

The goal of our breeding program is to consistently improve our goats according to the ADGA scorecard in every generation, while keeping them as happy and healthy as possible. We participate in DHIA 305 day milk testing with ADGA, and also participate in ADGA's Linear appraisal every year. We believe these are great tools to assist us in improving our herd and help us stay on track with our goals. We show at several county fairs and local shows throughout the year, but our favorite is always the ADGA National show. We have attended the National Show in 2015, 2017, 2019 and we plan on going again in 2020.

As many this started out with just one milking doe and a couple babies as a 4-H project. We now have 30 Nigerians kidding this year, and yes as always, it is quite an adventure!

We are truly blessed with our Lord's creation and hope to be good stewards with what He has given us. We hope you enjoy our website and please feel free to call or email if you have any questions.

May God bless you in all you do.

Sincerely Lisa, Erica, and Kim Illg

Lisa, Erica, or Jackson
3G Family Farm