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All animals for sale have been evaluated for soundness of conformation and priced by dam and sires accomplishments and genetics. Please contact us by email with any questions - lg3gff@gmail.com

Doe kids for sale -

R56 (DOE)
DOB: 03/23/23

Sire: Lil Miss B Haven Fearless CQ *B
SS: Old Mountain Farm Cyrus Quinn +*B (Sire of 2021 ADGA National Champion)
SD: GCH Lil Miss B Haven Francesca 3*M

Dam: 3G Family Farm T Blake
Sire: Castle Rock MR Trilby
Dam: GCH 3G Family Farm Bambi 3*M EX91 VEEE
(2nd/2nd udder 5&6 yr old 2021 ADGA NS)



R66 (DOE)
DOB: 04/05/23

Sire: Springwater OR Livn on th Edge
SS: Urban Acres MW Orion
SD: SGCH Springwater BL Janie's GotAGun 7*M
(1st/1st udder 3 yr old and TOTAL PREFORMER 2021 ADGA NS)

Dam: 3G Family Farm T Firefly
Sire: Castle Rock MR Trilby
Dam: 3G Family Farm WM Cricket EX90 VEEE



DAM: 3G Family Farm T Firefly


Buck kids for sale -


Adult Animals for sale -


Lisa, Erica, or Jackson
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